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This professional sandbag is an invaluable tool for keeping your football equipment secure to the ground on any surface. Simply pour sand (not included) into both halves of the sandbag and place on the frame base of your football goal. The rigid plastic handle allows for easy transportation and is suitable for portable indoor/outdoor installation. For optimum counterbalance, these goal anchor bags should be placed in the back corners of the frame. The inner bag features a zip to close, keeping the sand secure, and has an outer hook & loop fastening system strip for complete closure. Made from reinforced heavy-duty PVC, this football sandbag is 100% weatherproof and can be used in all conditions. The goal sandbag can hold up to 20kg (44lbs) of sand to ensure the goal frame of the football goals is weighed down securely and prevents the goal posts moving after being struck.


  • FORZA Pro Sandbag – Holds up to 20kg (44lbs) of sand for a secure hold
  • For optimum counterbalance, place anchor bags in back corners of the goal frame
  • Manufactured from reinforced heavy-duty PVC, which coats the polyester bladder
  • Rigid plastic handle for easy carrying and transportation – portable indoor/outdoor installation
  • Inner bag with zip keeps sand secure and outer touch fastening system strip for complete closure

Forza Pro Sandbag

SKU: GE45525
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